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The images below are what I showed at the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop in the summer of 2007.
They are black & white images of Algeria (1979) and Turkey (1976).
Digging through old boxes I came across my old 35mm negatives for these photos but no longer had the prints.
They were scratched and scuffed so I scanned them and took them into PhotoShop for clean up and printed them on photo paper.
I them built 20 wooden frames, each to hold 2 pieces of glass, between which the photos would float. Then painted the frames black.
It was about a 7 month project. The framed photos look better than this web content but here are some of the images.

Featured Images from Algeria and Turkey

Three women and child, Algeria - 1979

Arched doorway, Algeria - 1979

Outdoor cafe, Algeria - 1979

Proud girl on steps, Algeria - 1979

Old man's tea makings, Algeria - 1979

Corner in covered market, Algeia - 1979r

Mohamed's mom, Algeria - 1979

Children near steps, Algeria - 1979

Just a street, Algeria - 1979

Old man drinking tea, Algeria - 1979

Men at sea, Turkey - 1976

Goat herder, Turkey - 1976

Me and the gang, Turkey - 1976

Father and son, Turkey - 1976

Proud man displaying goats, Turkey - 1976

Stone street to sea, Turkey - 1976

Two friends, Turkey - 1976

Teashop owner, Turkey - 1976

Butchering of goat, Turkey - 1976

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  • "Radiator"
  • "Blinds and Bells"
  • "Oriental Billiard Balls"
  • "Fencepost"
  • "Lamp with Glass Vase"
  • "Ornamental Nothing"
  • "Cups Distorted"
  • "Pencil and Paper"